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Gru Languages helps teachers make language learning more fun!

Creative and interactive lessons take time to put together, so we strive to provide teachers with well-designed, engaging, and stimulating resources that both kids and teachers will love. 

In fact, the word ‘gru’ in Latin means crane, and cranes in Roman and Greek mythology symbolised happiness, joy and celebration.

Our mission is to make fun the main focus of our materials, which not only allows new languages to be acquired more naturally and effortlessly, but saves teachers valuable time and energy that they can in turn dedicate directly to their students. 

I’m Sarah, proud founder of Gru Languages.

Back in 2017, I was working as a freelance English teacher. I really loved my job. I had small groups of amazing children and my vision was simple, I wanted my students to fall in love with learning languages.

I knew I had to make the lessons as fun and enjoyable as possible.

With a degree in education and a passion for design, I would spend countless hours creating all kinds of games and activities for my classes. I wanted to make materials that not only brought out the best in my students, but also the best in me as a teacher.

It felt wonderful to create a learning environment where they could joyfully play and interact in English, learning and improving their language skills, all whilst having a great time!

I started to share my activities with other teachers and got great feedback. From there I came up with the idea to start Gru Languages. A place where teachers can go to find beautifully designed, enjoyable and fun teaching materials, which children love!

Over the past few years, we have grown into a small team. We love hearing from fellow teachers and schools around the world and we are always open to fresh ideas and feedback on how we can grow. If you would like to get in touch please send an email to Sarah at: [email protected]