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online past simple memory game for children

Past Simple Memory

Practise irregular past simple verbs with this fun memory game. Turn over the cards and collect the pairs.

online categories game for children


Roll the dice and play this fun vocabulary game! This is a great game for revising and reviewing common topics.

online tic tac toe game for children

Tic Tac Toe

Play this classic game to practise vocabulary and form simple sentences. Choose X or O and take it in turns to place the counters on the images to try and get three in a row.

online past simple game for children

Past Simple Match

Drag and match past simple verbs. A great way to learn and practise the past simple. Perfect for online lessons and interactive whiteboards.

online does it rhyme game for children

Does It Rhyme?

A fun and interactive rhyming game! Drag and match the words with the same sounds. A great way to practise pronunciation in English.

what's the question online game for children

What’s The Question?

This is the answer but what is the question? Help your students practise forming questions in this fun online activity.

online challenges for children

Can you…?

Mix up your lesson with these fun and interactive ability questions. They include both action and language challenges your students will love to complete.

getting to know you online game for children

Getting To Know You Questions

Get to know your students with these 100 simple ice breaker questions.

online drawing dictation game for children

Drawing Dictations

Read the descriptions and draw the picture! A fun and creative way to practise reading comprehension and revise vocabulary. Draw a monster, alien, robot or a face!

online trivia game

Trivia Questions

Use this fun trivia game to help your students practise and review vocabulary and improve speaking and reading skills. This game is also a great way to test general knowledge and teach new things along the way.

online snakes and ladders game for children

Snakes & Ladders

Play this fun board game with your students. Roll the dice and if you land on a ladder you go up and if you land on a snake you go down! The first one to the reach the end is the winner!

online speaking projects for children

Speaking Projects

A wide range of interesting, creative and enjoyable speaking prompts which your students will love.