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  1. Vocabulary


online categories game for children


Roll the dice and play this fun vocabulary game! This is a great game for revising and reviewing common topics.

online tic tac toe game for children

Tic Tac Toe

Play this classic game to practise vocabulary and form simple sentences. Choose X or O and take it in turns to place the counters on the images to try and get three in a row.

online drawing dictation game for children

Drawing Dictations

Read the descriptions and draw the picture! A fun and creative way to practise reading comprehension and revise vocabulary. Draw a monster, alien, robot or a face!

online trivia game

Trivia Questions

Use this fun trivia game to help your students practise and review vocabulary and improve speaking and reading skills. This game is also a great way to test general knowledge and teach new things along the way.

online snakes and ladders game for children

Snakes & Ladders

Play this fun board game with your students. Roll the dice and if you land on a ladder you go up and if you land on a snake you go down! The first one to the reach the end is the winner!

what is it? online quiz game for children

What Is It?

A fun quiz game for testing and practising vocabulary. A great addition to your online lessons.

online give me five game for children

Give Me Five

Play this fun vocabulary game to revise and practise different topics. Give your students extra points if they guess the ones which are written on the cards!

online board games for children

Board Games

Help your students practise English with these fun board games! Play with up to 6 students, perfect for breakout rooms, small groups or even one to one lessons!

online word halves game for children

Word Halves

Find the words by matching one half to the other half. A great activity for practising spelling and revising vocabulary.

online vocabulary match game for children

Vocabulary Match

Match the pictures to the words. This game is great for learning and practising vocabulary. Your students will love it!

online anagram games for children


Learn and practise spelling and vocabulary with this fun letter game. Simply drag the letters and place them in the correct order.

memory online game for children

Memory Games

Turn over the cards and collect the pairs. This is a great way to learn and practise vocabulary.