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Pricing & Plans Schools

Help & support your teachers in delivering
top quality and fun lessons!

You are just a few clicks away from granting your teachers access to thousands of fun
online & printable activities, games, crafts, flashcards and lesson plans!

Everything they need, all in one place!

For Schools
£249 / Year
(£21 per month)
Up to 8 user accounts
Unlimited access to 1500+ professionally designed classroom activities, games and crafts
200+ Lesson plans
200+ Flashcards
No download limit
Unlimited access to our online game library
40+ topics
Grammar practice
New content and games added weekly
Full email support

Enjoy the benefits

More Free Time

More Fun In The Classroom

More Effective Learning

Happier Students

Greater Success

1. What format are the files?

All the files are downloadable in PDF format.

2. Are the resources also available in colour?

No, they are all in black & white, exactly how you see them in the preview.

3. Can I share the resources with my colleagues?

If you have an individual membership, you cannot share the resources. If you have a school membership, you can share the resources with those who work within your school building.

4. What is your refund policy?

In general we do not issue refunds but any queries or concerns will be taken into consideration. We ask that you contact us as soon as possible.

5. Where can I find my downloads?

The files will download directly onto your computer. They are not saved anywhere on the website.

6. Are answer sheets included?

Yes, answers sheets are included with every activity.

7. I’m having trouble logging in, what should I do?

You can try logging out of all tabs and try logging in again in a new browser window. If it’s still not working, try reseting your password in the login area. If this doesn’t work contact us here and we can help you.

8. When I click download, nothing happens, what should I do?

This typically means the download was blocked by your browser. Have a look for the security bar at the top of the screen and select the option to download the file.

9. I would like to cancel or take a break from my subscription, how can I do that?

If you signed up through Paypal, login to your Paypal account and you can manage your subscription there. If you signed up using a credit card, simply contact your bank. Otherwise send us a message and we can do everything for you.


“As a school owner and teacher I have found the Gru
worksheets and games to be a fantastic addition to our
syllabus. They are creative and fun and are really popular with the kids.”


“Love these activities. I can never find enough hands on materials for my efl courses and now I’m set!”

Heather, USA

“Love the creative designs of Gru languages, a great aid for the classroom. Students love the designs and it helps to make learning English more fun!”

Lisa, South Africa

“Fantastic resources,
makes life easier!”

Hayley, UK

“I have been using Gru Languages’ teaching resources for years now with my young students and my own children. They all love the activities, games and crafts designed by Sarah. It has been a precious time-saving teaching tool when I taught children face-to-face. It is now a perfect way to offer a large choice of thematic activities to my online students.”

English teacher and founder of

“The worksheets are clear, simple, and beautifully rendered. My students love them!”

Cecilia, Italy

“I worked at the High5 English Summer Camp using worksheets and materials of Gru Languages. They were fantastic resources, perfect for the full days of teaching!”

Alice, UK

“Beautifully and thoughtfully designed worksheets which are perfect for the level of our
learners! It’s so good to have
access to content which is consistently brilliant without sorting through the labyrinth of rubbish that Google usually turns up. Thank you so much for providing these valuable tools to assist our children’s learning!”

Ian, Japan

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