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Roll & Describe | Online Game Instructions

By Sarah - August 11, 2023

Incorporating creative and interactive activities in language lessons can significantly enhance students’ communication skills and engage their imagination.

The Roll and Describe game offers a dynamic platform for students to describe characters in detail, fostering conversation and providing opportunities for fluency practice. By selecting themes, rolling the reels, and describing characters, students will unleash their creativity, improve their speaking skills and develop their storytelling abilities.

Online Roll a Monster Game

How To Play

Theme Selection:

Begin by selecting a theme from the dropdown menu. The available options include monsters, aliens, robots, or faces.

Choosing a theme adds an element of excitement and allows students to develop unique and imaginative characters.

Character Description:

Instruct each student, pair, or group to roll the reels to determine different parts of the character based on the chosen theme.

Students will describe the physical appearance of the character they have created in as much detail as possible.

Encourage the use of vivid vocabulary and descriptive language to paint a clear picture of the character.

Online Roll a Robot Game

Story or Personality Profile Development:

As a follow-up activity, students can expand their character descriptions into a story or personality profile.

They can develop narratives that explore the character’s lifestyle, home, family, job, and more.

This activity encourages creativity, narrative building, and the use of language structures to convey information.

Conversation and Speaking Practice:

The Roll and Describe game serves as an excellent conversation starter, allowing students to engage in discussions.

Encourage students to share their character descriptions, stories, or personality profiles with a partner, in pairs, or small groups.

This activity promotes speaking practice, encourages fluency, and builds confidence in expressing ideas.

Online Roll an Alien Game

Time Limit and Submission:

Set a time limit for students to complete their character descriptions or stories.

Once finished, ask students to read their descriptions or stories aloud and submit the written text for further evaluation.

Feedback and Reflection:

Ask other students to provide feedback on what they enjoyed about each description or story.

Allow time for follow-up questions and encourage students to engage in thoughtful discussions.

Provide positive and constructive feedback on their language use, creativity and storytelling abilities.

Additional Artistic Component:

If time permits, encourage students to visualise their characters by drawing a scene or scenario.

This artistic component adds a visual dimension to the character they have created and allows for further creative expression.

Online Roll a Face Game

Benefits of Roll & Describe

Stimulate Creativity:

The Roll and Describe game sparks students’ imagination as they create unique characters based on the selected theme.

Describing physical features and developing stories or personality profiles allows students to explore their creative potential.

Enhance Speaking Skills:

By sharing their character descriptions, stories, or personality profiles, students practise speaking and expressing their ideas fluently.

This activity nurtures communication skills, encourages conversation and provides a platform for students to engage in meaningful discussions.

Encourage Language Development:

The Roll and Describe activity prompts students to utilise descriptive language, expanding their vocabulary and language structures.

Students refine their ability to express details, emotions, and narratives effectively.

Foster Collaboration:

The activity can be played individually, in pairs, or in small groups, fostering collaboration and peer interaction.

Students actively engage in discussions, offer feedback and ask questions, creating a supportive and dynamic learning environment.

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The Roll and Describe game offers a captivating and interactive approach to develop speaking skills, encourage creativity and foster language development. By selecting a theme, rolling the reels and describing characters in detail, students unleash their creativity, engage in conversation and delve into storytelling. This game not only provides an opportunity for students to practise fluency and descriptive skills but also encourages collaboration and peer interaction. By incorporating the Roll and Describe game into your language lessons, you can create a vibrant and engaging learning environment that nurtures students’ language proficiency and boosts their confidence in expressing ideas.

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