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Word Halves | Online Game Instructions

By Sarah - August 11, 2023

Using games is a delightful and effective way to boost your students’ vocabulary and language skills. Word Halves is a fantastic online activity that challenges students to match word halves to form complete words with the correct spelling. With a wide range of topics to choose from, Word Halves provides an immersive learning experience that strengthens vocabulary, pronunciation and word recognition. 

Online Word Halves Game

How To Play

To begin, introduce or review the words that will be used in the game, ensuring students understand their meanings and pronunciation. Then, students can drag one half of the word to the other half and if the match is correct, the complete word will appear.

Online Word Halves Matching Game

Game Benefits:

Vocabulary Expansion:

With a vast array of topics to choose from, Word Halves facilitates comprehensive vocabulary development across various areas of interest.

Pronunciation Practice:

By modelling and practising word pronunciation within the game, students can improve their spoken language skills and pronunciation accuracy.

Word Recognition:

Matching word halves challenges students to recognise word patterns and enhance their word recognition skills.

Interactive Engagement:

The drag-and-drop feature and instant feedback create an interactive and engaging learning experience for students.

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Word Halves is an exciting online word game that offers an immersive and interactive experience for language learners. By matching word halves to create complete words, students enhance their vocabulary, pronunciation and word recognition skills. With a diverse range of topics to choose from, Word Halves can be easily integrated into language lessons to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Incorporating online word games in language teaching allows for a dynamic and interactive learning experience. By engaging students in pronunciation practice and word recognition activities, you can create an environment which fosters language development and retention.

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