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Dice Games | Online Game Instructions

    The inclusion of interactive games and activities in ESL lessons can greatly enhance the educational experience for of your students.

    As you may already know, our goal is to give your lessons an extra boost of fun and enjoyment! We believe that creating joyful moments and memories in the classroom is vital for a successful language learning experience.

    Games provide an excellent opportunity to learn and practise vocabulary in a relaxed and enjoyable setting.

    Keeping this in mind, we are pleased to introduce an online dice game to our expanding collection of interactive online games, tailored for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

    This dice game is designed to be very adaptable to suit a mixture of learning objectives. It offers an exciting opportunity to reinforce vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar and speaking skills in an enjoyable and interactive manner.

    It’s perfect for sharing your screen during an online lesson or to play in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard. And up to 6 students can play.

    Online Dice Game

    How To Play

    Select the vocabulary set:

    Begin by choosing a vocabulary set from the dropdown menu. There are over fifty topics to choose from, such as animals, fruit, colours, daily routine, hobbies and more. You can select a vocabulary set to match your teaching objectives or your students’ interests.

    Introduce and review words:

    Before starting the game, take a moment to introduce or review the words that will be used. Provide clear explanations and examples, ensuring your students understand the meanings and context of the vocabulary. Model and practise each word, allowing students to repeat the words with correct stress and pronunciation.

    Start the Game:

    Select the number of players to determine the order of turns.

    Roll the Dice:

    The first player clicks on the “Roll” button to roll both of the dice. The numbers rolled determine the square on the game board which the player will land on.

    Language Challenges:

    Once a player lands on a square, present your student with a language challenge. This can be tailored to the students’ level and class objectives. Examples include:

    Vocabulary: Define, spell, or pronounce a word.

    Grammar: Use a word in a sentence with a specific grammatical structure.

    Conversation: Ask and answer questions using the target word.

    Creativity: Use the word in a sentence with a positive or negative context.

    Answer the Challenge:

    If a player is successful in completing the language challenge, click on the green tick to award them a point. If the answer is incorrect, click on the red cross and the player does not receive a point. The game then moves on to the next player.

    Scoring and Winning:

    The first player to reach ten points is declared the winner. Celebrate the achievements of all participants, promoting a positive and encouraging learning environment.

    Online Dice Game Card

    Our online dice game is a versatile and engaging game that provides English language learners with an interactive platform to reinforce their language skills. With the ability to adapt the game to various proficiency levels, this dice game allows for targeted vocabulary practice, pronunciation improvement and grammar consolidation. 

    Incorporate this game into your language teaching toolkit and watch your students roll their way to language proficiency while having a fantastic time along the journey.

    Remember, learning doesn’t have to be boring. Through games like this, language learning becomes an exciting and engaging adventure. So, gather your players, roll the dice and have fun!

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