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Online Games

online word halves game for children

Word Halves

Find the words by matching one half to the other half. A great activity for practising spelling and revising vocabulary.

online vocabulary match game for children

Vocabulary Match

Match the pictures to the words. This game is great for learning and practising vocabulary. Your students will love it!

online sentence jumbles for children

Sentence Jumbles

Put the words in the correct order! Practise making sentences with this fun sentence jumble game.

online anagram games for children


Learn and practise spelling and vocabulary with this fun letter game. Simply drag the letters and place them in the correct order.

online true or false quizzes for children

True or False Quizzes

Your students will love playing this true or false quiz activity. It’s a fun and enjoyable way to practise and improve reading comprehension.

online role play cards for children

Role Plays

Practise making conversations and role plays! This activity is great for practising simple grammar structures, asking questions and using a wide range of vocabulary.

talk for a minute online game

Talk For A Minute

Practise speaking about different topics with this fun activity. It’s great for developing fluency, revising vocabulary and practising grammar structures.

Question Cards

This speaking activity is great for playing rapid fire question games, revising topic vocabulary and for general speaking practice. Simply click on the cards to reveal the questions.

memory online game for children

Memory Games

Turn over the cards and collect the pairs. This is a great way to learn and practise vocabulary.

online dice games for children

Dice Games

Roll the dice and find the pictures. This game can be used to practise simple vocabulary, to make full sentences and to practise forming questions.