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We Believe That A Happy, Joyful Classroom Is Where Young Children Learn Best! 

    Happy and joyful students mean more learning, more enthusiasm and more intrinsic motivation.

    In general, we know that our students like to succeed in activities, win games and many like to create beautiful works of art. They like to do well and they enjoy being praised. They have lively imaginations. They are fantastic at imitation and in a truly wonderful way, they will talk and participate greatly when they are fully engaged and in a flow state.

    Knowing this, we want to give students the best language learning experience possible. We want them to enter the classroom excited and full of positive energy. We want to see them happy, enthusiastic and lively throughout each activity and leave already looking forward to the next class.

    Happy children learn better!

    When learning is fun, it’s easier for children to engage and absorb new information.

    “First there is emotion; after that comes cognition,” Frank Thissen

    That’s why happiness is such an important ingredient in effective learning. Here are three reasons why we believe happy children learn better:

    1. Happiness boosts brain power.

    Studies have shown that happiness increases our cognitive abilities and makes us more productive. When we’re happy, we’re more likely to be creative, to think outside the box, and to come up with new ideas. We’re also better able to focus and to remember information.

    2. Happiness leads to better relationships.

    In a happy classroom, students feel more connected to their classmates and their teachers. They’re more likely to participate in group games and activities.

    3. Happiness makes learning more fun.

    When children are happy, they’re more engaged in their learning. They’re more likely to pay attention, to participate actively, and to retain what they’ve learned. Plus, they’ll look forward to coming to school each day!

    10 top tips to build a positive learning experience in your classroom

    1. Add more fun and games to your lessons to keep motivation high. 
    2. Be playful. We strongly believe that a happy teacher is vital for having a happy classroom. If you’re bored, the chances are the students are too. 
    3. Use a wide variety of activities to introduce and practise new language and vocabulary in a fun, engaging and stress free way. 
    4. Keep activities short, which means your students don’t feel overwhelmed by long and complicated tasks. 
    5. Draw from a variety of different topics and activity types, to perfectly tailor your classes to your students’ needs and interests. 
    6. Use simple but beautifully designed images, have clear instructions and use worksheets with simple layouts
    7. Incorporate challenging and thought provoking exercises, which promote creativity, problem solving and friendly competition.
    8. Encourage making things, drawing things, colouring, decorating, describing things and generally being as creative as possible. Give students the space and freedom to express themselves.
    9. Make your classroom bright, colourful and full of your students’ work.
    10. Track progress and remind your students how far they’ve come!

    As a language teacher, we appreciate that there is nothing better than knowing you have instilled passion in your students and a love of the language you are teaching.

    If you share our passion for bringing joy to the classroom, we’d love to hear from you.

    Please contact us below with ideas, suggestions, stories and also, just to say hi!