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Online Games

what is it? online quiz game for children

What Is It?

A fun quiz game for testing and practising vocabulary. A great addition to your online lessons.

online rooms of the house game for children

Rooms Of The House

These house scenes are a great way to practise furniture vocabulary, prepositions and describing words.

online animal scenes activity for children

Animal Scenes

These speaking activities are a great way to practise animal vocabulary, prepositions and present continuous.

online map game for children


These speaking activities are great for learning and practising directions, town vocabulary and prepositions of place.

online calendar game for children


Practise talking about dates, plans and events. A great conversation starter and perfect for practising ordinal numbers.

which do you prefer online game for children

Which Do You Prefer?

This is a great speaking activity to get to know your students, initiate conversations and practise speaking for fluency.

online grammar quizzes for children

Grammar Quizzes

Help your students practise different grammar points with these fun quiz questions.

online give me five game for children

Give Me Five

Play this fun vocabulary game to revise and practise different topics. Give your students extra points if they guess the ones which are written on the cards!

online roll and describe game for children

Roll & Describe

Spin the reels and create a monster, alien, robot and a face! A fun way to practise descriptions in English! This is a creative and fun activity which your students will love!

online compare game for children


Practise using comparative adjectives with these fun conversation starters. This activity is a great way to improve speaking skills and to practise and revise vocabulary.

online roll a story game for children

Roll A Story

Spin the reel and invent a story. This is a fun and enjoyable activity to help your students think creatively and improve their speaking and writing skills.

online board games for children

Board Games

Help your students practise English with these fun board games! Play with up to 6 students, perfect for breakout rooms, small groups or even one to one lessons!